Provides precious metal owners of gold, platinum, palladium and silver bars as well as silver and gold coins, secured and insured storage facilities. The safety and reliability of this service is validated by several internationally acknowledged organizations.


100% allocation / The reassurance of 100% allocation
As well as the high level of security and solid insurance, your investments are all insured with 100% physical cover of the precious metals. This means you will always invest for 100% in physical precious metals and we have the actual precious metals in our storage.

The goods in our safes are naturally protected from a possible bankruptcy of AmsterdamSafe or one of its partners. Your storage contract and the associated administration (including our safe location system, your file and corresponding bank statements) provides the irrefutable evidence that your stored precious metals are inalienable economically and legally owned by you.

The cover for our storage is audited several times a year during independent and unannounced inspections by reputable accountant firm Ernst & Young. As an Amsterdam Safe client you will receive an annual assurance report.

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Tax-free silver, palladium and platinum
You have the opportunity to store your silver, palladium and/or platinum tax-free in our secure Customs warehouse at Schiphol. Tax-free precious metals could be interesting for individuals who want to invest in precious metals and prevent the disadvantage of a tax levy of 21% (VAT). Your tax-free silver, palladium or platinum is directly delivered from outside the EU into the AmsterdamSafe Customs warehouse. This way of storage saves you 21% tax on your purchase.

Tax-free silver/palladium/platinum should be purchased through AmsterdamGold. This company has the opportunity to provide you with tax-free silver/palladium/platinum. Your silver or platinum will directly be taken into storage at AmsterdamSafe.

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Full insurance
In order to offer the optimal level of insurance, we provide an overall insurance policy for the total value of all precious metals in our storage facilities and also cover for the individual value of precious metals registered in your name. The insurance policies cover the replacement value of your precious metals, which minimalizes all risks. The insurance cover is arranged through our insurance partners.

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Insurance against expropriation
Your precious metals insurance also covers against expropriation.
The optimal level of insurance at AmsterdamSafe also provides the unique and important expropriation insurance. Should the government decide to forbid the possession of precious metals and confiscate the stored precious metals in AmsterdamSafe, we supply/deliver ( costs of our insurance partners) the full value of your confiscated precious metals, if necessary abroad.



AmsterdamSafe has established relationships with independent specialist organizations and a permanent team of internal staff who have been with us for years. All members of the team are in the possession of a certificate of good conduct.

The cover for our storage is audited several times a year during inspections by reputable accountant firm Ernst & Young. As an AmsterdamSafe client you will receive an annual assurance report. The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate of AmsterdamSafe guarantees an exclusive handling at international transports and a high status of reliability at Customs at Schiphol. Furthermore, AmsterdamSafe owns a permit of The Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

Security at AmsterdamSafe’s storage facilities is being taken care of by a long-established international security organization. The security arrangements, the safe itself and the internal procedures have been audited by an independent insurer. Our unique location provides the repository with an additional safety factor: the entire depot is directly connected to the emergency response team of the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Military Police). This means that the response time in the event of an incident will be extremely short.






You have the possibility to sell your precious metals at any time of your preference. Selling your precious metals can be organized via our partner AmsterdamGold. AmsterdamGold always guarantees to repurchase your metals. Please visit the website for more information.

NB: It is only possible to sell your tax-free silver, palladium and platinum back within the AmsterdamSafe repository. The tax-free precious metals cannot be imported in The Netherlands.

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